Woot Woot

This weekend was amazing. As much as I miss my peeps I was able to catch up on so many things, including some really needed rest, a long-awaited pedicure and work-outs. Saturday I spent some time with friends and then hit the yoga studio for a relaxing Yin session. Yin yoga is really focused on … Continue reading

Going for a Dip

It’s been 5 years since I’ve slept in. I actually am laughing as I type those words wondering if that is actually possible? The answer is yes but in my husband’s defense I should probably clarify that we have very different biorythms. I am a morning person who likes to go to bed early. He … Continue reading


This summer I will be turning 40. I’m not someone who frets over birthdays much, but this one has created a need for pause, for reflection. Several of my friends are celebrating this milestone in 2012. One decided she needed to celebrate lavishly in Paris. One is planning a blow out event. Another friend of … Continue reading


Winter is nearing an end, it’s nearing and end, it’s nearing an end….just keep saying it. Oh sunshine where have you gone? Every year some weird virus seems to sweep through my office taking plenty of prisoners. This year has been no different, and I managed to stay healthy the entire winter….until a couple of … Continue reading


I’m very proud to be involved with an incredible organization called the Doernbecher Foundation. Doernbecher is the children’s hospital of the Oregon Health Science University, and Saturday night was the 14th Annual Heart of Doernbecher auction to benefit the neonatal intensive care unit. The evening raised $820,000 — amazing! I feel very fortunate to have … Continue reading

Dog Sitting

We are a dog family. We dote on our pets. My sister Kristin and her boyfriend Joe also share in this passion, and we’re fortunate in that we take care of each other’s pets when one of us leaves town. The last 2 weeks we’ve been taking care of these guys: The pug on the … Continue reading

There Comes a Time for Covert Measures

One of the biggest challenges during the week is getting out of the house on time without overlooking or forgetting an important step — you know, like making sure Bryce is fully clothed (this actually is no joke,) has brushed her teeth and has had something to eat to sustain her until snack time at … Continue reading