Well Hello…

My Name is Kelly and I am a working mom. For all you Portlanders out there, I am the publisher of a magazine you may have heard of…one called Portland Monthly.

I moved to Portland 10 years ago from New York City with my designer husband who was recruited by Nike. We ventured to Portland to start a new life and a new life we’ve built. Since 2003, we bought a house, got married and had a daughter who we named Bryce Mary. We’ve planted roots here not only in the ground but in the the wonderful friendships we’ve built. Some of our family members even headed west to now call this little gem of a city their home too. We’ve traversed almost every inch of our state, eating our way through towns and farmers markets, drinking our way through vineyards and microbreweries. We even started growing our own veggies in the back yard not only as a means to having the freshest (organic) ingredients possible, but to teach Bryce about where food comes from. One of my heroes, Jamie Oliver has profoundly reminded us about the importance of food education and our children in his captivating Food Revolution movement.

While I may grow fresh herbs, and perhaps will get a meager showing of tomatoes or cucumbers any given year, a farmer I am not. I am a person who is gets incredibly excited about all things culinary, especially as a means to longevity. In Portland, the restaurant scene is bursting with fresh ideas and innovation. We live among some of the most talented culinary professionals and highly regarded chefs of our day. It is here where a small movement has set a stage to perhaps inspire what the world will one day be. It’s hard to not be inspired.

In this day and age, we women get to have it all, right? I find that being amazing on the job and amazing at home are almost never simultaneous feats. How can we be the best for others yet still find time to care for ourselves really well? First, we need to put ourselves on the to-do list for active time on the yoga mat or wherever we need it. Secondly, we need to find a little quiet time here and there, whether it’s reading a great book or visiting a facialist. And most importantly, when all else fails, with a little organization and forethought, we can also make sure to have balance without compromising healthy, delicious foods…and this folks, is my plight. In the craze of the week I am constantly challenged to plan meals that I can not only make relatively quickly for my hungry 4 year old, but that will also provide the best nutritional value (nothing like a cranky toddler who needs a glucose fix!) Food is something that addresses our whole person. Food feeds our bodies, our souls and our hearts. Food is healing. Food is the conduit for great collaboration, inspiration and pleasure that nurtures our relationships. So with this, I say cook with love.


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