Winter is nearing an end, it’s nearing and end, it’s nearing an end….just keep saying it. Oh sunshine where have you gone?

Every year some weird virus seems to sweep through my office taking plenty of prisoners. This year has been no different, and I managed to stay healthy the entire winter….until a couple of weeks ago. Something, whatever it was, took me down to Chinatown. I had incredible muscle aches and was ferociously weak. I had headaches and a low-grade fever that wouldn’t spike. I got to a point where I started to negotiate with this virus, egging it on and such. I wanted to throw up. I wanted a high fever because at least then I would have known it was peaking. I’ve since recovered but now it’s making its way through Portland Monthly’s headquarters, 2-3 employees at a time. We tried to take the offense by creating anti-bacterial stations throughout our workspace complete with wipes and gels. Perhaps it’s too late for this, but give us credit for not going down without a fight!

A dear friend of mine has been battling a scary case of meningitis. YES, he got meningitis! If you don’t know what it is (like I didn’t) it can strike in viral or bacterial form and affects the central nervous system. In some cases, people lose their sight, hearing and/or have severe memory loss. It can also be deadly. Thankfully my friend is recovering and will be okay, but he told me an interesting tid bit over lunch. His neurologist shared that Oregon in particular sees more cases of autoimmune types of infections/viruses in comparison to other regions. The culprit? VITAMIN D deficiency! Make sure this is something you stay up on with your doctor while we await the sunshine continuum of spring and summer.

Here’s my over-the-counter supplement:

Vitamin D is actually one of the few vitamins that can be harmful if not ingested properly, so it’s imperative that you check with your physician before taking any amount at all. Doses for children are smaller than adult doses as well. Here is what Web MD has to say about the benefits. Continue reading more for associated risks related to dosage.

If you’d rather this route, here are some foods that carry the highest levels of this prize-fighting, Mike-Tyson-swinging wonder vitamin:

Fish like salmon and tuna
Egg yolks
Enriched milks and yogurts
Fortified orange juice, cereals and soy drinks

Source: Healthlink, British Columbia; 2011

Get your D on! Have a fantastic day.


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