Woot Woot

This weekend was amazing. As much as I miss my peeps I was able to catch up on so many things, including some really needed rest, a long-awaited pedicure and work-outs. Saturday I spent some time with friends and then hit the yoga studio for a relaxing Yin session. Yin yoga is really focused on stretch and meditation and can be incredibly calming. There is a yoga studio in the Pearl that we featured in our BEST OF issue called Yo Yo Yogi….despite the “hippity-hoppity” name the studio is wonderfully tranquil.

Yesterday started with a Barre3 class, and for those of you who aren’t familiar it’s a work out that involves foundations of pilates, yoga and ballet. It will kick your butt in the best way, and one of the things that I love is that I leave feeling energized, not tired. This Portland-based company has several locations in the metro area and has expanded their footprint across the country! I couldn’t be happier for this great group of ladies.

So, in need of some post-class refreshment, I pulled this out of my refrigerator:

Looks like a lovely salad right? I actually took all that you see in the photo and ran it through my juicer to make this lime green, immune- charging, energy-boosting wonder drink. If you have a scrunchy face right now don’t be frightened! Juicing an entire lemon emits powerful flavor and so what you end up with tastes a bit like lemonade. The difference is that it has all the incredible vitamins and enzymes from the greens (and the fruit) to put an extraordinary zip in your step. When the farmers’ markets open in the spring I start to have these regularly and they wind up taking the place of my morning coffee. Brycey even drinks this, and for her it’s aptly referred to as “Shrek Juice.” For the grown-ups, it’s fondly known as green lemonade.

I’m not a licensed nutritionist (obviously) or a health expert of any kind…but I started learning about juicing a few years ago. You can buy juicers at very affordable prices and I totally encourage it, not as a replacement for eating whole, raw vegetables but as an added way to get nutrients. Making juice in your kitchen vs. buying it in the store eliminates additives and sugars and delivers incredible benefits not just from vitamins but the natural, live enzymes that aid in our digestion and detoxification. Some juices are even prescribed to be cancer fighting! See what the Stanford Cancer Center has to say.

Green Lemonade

1 head of romaine lettuce
2 fuji apples, cores removed
5 stalks of kale
1 lemon
1 cucumber
½ inch of peeled ginger (optional)

I’m off to get ready for Monday, feeling charged and ready to take on the week.

Have a fantastic day!


3 thoughts on “Woot Woot

  1. I have to confess that your three mentions are magical for me too. I dig Yo Yo Yogi in a big way. I sip Green Lemonade often. I own barre3 (highly biased on this one!). Thank you for spreading the love all around!

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