Frijoles Negros

Sundays are for make ahead meals. This requires a little bit of organization, as in planning and shopping for the week but I usually make a couple of things that will last in the fridge and that I can use in different ways. I had some dry black beans in the cupboard and decided to … Continue reading

Edamame Hummus

Last night was kind of heavenly. As opposed to the person that usually gets up from the table several times when we eat, my mealtime wanderlust child decided that she was going to demonstrate that she knew how to “eat like a lady” at dinner, napkin in her lap and all. She got no argument … Continue reading

Stealth Applesauce Muffins

Good morning! I had a dream last night that (somehow) an ORCA — as in killer whale — was secretly put into my backyard in an above ground swimming pool. I woke up in a panic because in my dream I had let days go by without feeding it and as a result it came … Continue reading

Know thy Self

Apologies folks for being M.I.A. the last few days, but I had to run up to Seattle for some meetings and got behind in life! I knew you crazy kids would understand. I have been thinking about how to break this to you. I am a person who hates to let someone down and so … Continue reading

Sunday Morning with Oliver

Sparkle 2.0 hit the dust. I guess we just aren’t fish people. Instead of doing the bait and switch with a new specimen we decided Bryce was ready to hear the truth. We have, after all been through the death of a dog, and she handled it okay. Last Thursday morning Sparkle appeared to have … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day

I love the morning — it’s my favorite time, particularly when the sun is coming up and casting a wide glow upon the day. What a difference it makes (at least in the month of June) to wake up with sun vs. clouds. Feeling thankful. We’ve got some exciting plans for father’s day weekend. Saturday … Continue reading

Pining for Piglet (and Grilled Pizza)

I want one. Can I have it? These little miniature piglets grow to be the size of a chihuahua. I’m told they’re cleaner than cats and dogs and brainy to boot. My sister and I are really coveting these as pets. My dog needs a companion after all — I mean look at him: Ali … Continue reading