Happy Father’s Day

I love the morning — it’s my favorite time, particularly when the sun is coming up and casting a wide glow upon the day. What a difference it makes (at least in the month of June) to wake up with sun vs. clouds. Feeling thankful.

We’ve got some exciting plans for father’s day weekend. Saturday and Sunday from noon-4pm Kruger’s Farm is having a BERRY JAM with U pick strawberries, free hay rides to the berry fields, kids jam-making class at 2pm, face painting, pony rides and music! God willing, we’ll have that 80 degree day that’s on the forecast and it will be heavenly.

While Bryce has been a pretty good eater most of her life, suddenly that 5-year-old will is kicking in this week to say “I ONLY LIKE NOODLES AND BUTTER.” What the heck! I threw off her game with a fresh carrot juice for breakfast to get her covered on the nutrient front, except I told her it was sunshine juice.

Sunshine Juice

4 carrots
4 fuji apples
1 knob of ginger, peeled

Run the carrots and apples through a juicer for the kid portion, add ginger for the grown up portion.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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