Chocolate Decadence

Happy birthday to me, and to all my fellow Leos! This year Bryce and I made a decadent cake in honor of the occasion. This cake is not for the faint of heart, or for those who fear indulgence. This cake is symbolic of my 40 years, and as such I abandon all rules, restrictions … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad

As I was saying….summer salads! This is a salad that feels like home to me and was inspired by the visits we had from my family this month. I grew up eating this salad from the time I can remember remembering. Here’s a shout out to Western NY! Cut to scene: Pine Street Park, 9am … Continue reading

Southwest Quinoa Salad

Summer is all about salads, isn’t it? Quinoa — another genius moment in nature — is actually a seed not a grain. It’s a curious cousin of the spinach plant boasting nutrient density and high levels of protein. Did you know that you can get close to the same level of protein from a serving … Continue reading

BBQ Pulled Chicken

Parents – do many of us have children sleeping in our beds? My research has weighted heavily to the yes but this is a polarizing topic. We started allowing it only as a temporary measure when Bryce was 3 because after transitioning to a toddler bed she started to walk into our room in the … Continue reading

Birthday Bonanza Cupcake

This weekend we celebrated Bryce’s 5th birthday — at the risk of sounding cliché I have to ask myself where the heck time has gone. I look at her and it seriously feels like she was in a Baby Bjorn about 5 minutes ago. She just walked into the kitchen telling me she wasn’t feeling … Continue reading

The Only Guacamole You’ll Ever Need

I have a passion for avocados. My child even eats them out of a half shell with a spoon. Just seeing her do that gives me a thrill – no really, it actually does. Let’s take a moment to raise our hands in praise of this perfect fruit. Yes it’s a fruit by definition, a … Continue reading

Warm Chicken & Roasted Vegetable Salad

Happy Friday to you all! Last night I went to my old stand by, the rotisserie chicken for a little help with dinner. This is my version of “fast food” as in the kind pre-prepared by Whole Foods or New Seasons. You can use these to make any chicken dish, as in salads, soups, tortillas … Continue reading