5K — Check!

I forgot to tell you all about the Flat 5K race on Sauvie on the 4th — as in done-sville! Such a great event that raised more than $40,000 for local charities. It was totally inspiring and included all walks of life — as in first time racers, experienced runners and even little kids running with their parents! Finishers were offered fresh strawberry shortcake compliments of the Pumpkin Patch, the Flat’s HQ.

The morning was sunny and crisp and now I get why people do this. Even if you enter the race alone, you can’t help but feel a strong sense of community during the event, as in you’re all in it together. I’m glad that I know I can do it, and I think I’ll continue with the 5K’ers for now. Perhaps the half marathon challenge will come a-knockin’ but I won’t commit unless I can carve out the time to train properly. Kudos to my friends the “Neons” for finishing the half — you guys did awesome! Here’s a look at the view from the race….

Afterward I bought a half flat of blueberries and brought them home to make jam. Another check — seasonal berry jams complete. This year we managed to make strawberry, raspberry and blueberry and now we’re moving on to some interesting concoctions to be revealed soon.

So I mentioned I’ve had family in town…and we decided to take them to Laurelhurst Market for a rather carnivorous dinner. Given this is one of the best steak joints/butcher shops in the city we looked forward to the evening. Here’s a look at the menu if you haven’t been:

The wait staff is wonderful and knowledgeable.

We ordered a charcuterie plate to start, thinking we would get a board with cured meats and such. To our surprise we got a lovely pate board, with pickled vegetables and crostini. Even the least adventurous at the table gave it a try and enjoyed. The mussels with chorizo were a hit with the hubby and the kids menu offered the standard kids choices but (the mac ‘n cheese) got rave reviews. Fun was had by all. I totally recommend it for family night, or date night.

We’re making our way back to Portland from Arizona where we paid a visit to the sweetest woman on the planet, my Grandma Louise. This is a woman who made her own sausage, her own perogis and has taken care of my Grandpa Len for more than 60 years. We miss you and love you, Grandma.

Have a fantastic day!


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