Simple Mushrooms, C’est si Bon

Comment ca va?

I’ve been inspired by my sister and her boyfriend who are currently in Paris en route to Amsterdam. They just sent me a photo of a classic steak frites that they’re enjoying at a sidewalk bistro. This is a place I’d like to be right now…sipping wine, voyeur-ing the people and the art, perhaps in a decadent frock. If only I could wiggle my nose and make it happen with a blink.

I love Europe for many reasons, but I so appreciate the simplicity in the way food is prepared. It’s as if each ingredient is but a celebration. In honor of my European roots I salut the tradition — and behold the mushroom. The star of a melt-in-your-mouth dish that was prepared in under 15 minutes.

There are no measurements really — this is as carefree as cooking gets. It’s best if you make these with a glass of wine and french background music. Give this a try:

Are you in the mood yet?

Simple Sautéed Mushrooms

1 pile of whole Cremini mushrooms, wiped with a tea towel
olive oil
pat of butter
2 cloves of garlic, finely minced
white wine — one that you would also be drinking for dinner perhaps
Salt & pepper
Fresh Thyme (or any herb will do)

Heat a saute pan on med high heat. Add a couple of lugs of olive oil in a and a pat of (real) butter. Let it melt, add the garlic and let saute for about 30 seconds (you don’t want the garlic to burn or it gets bitter.) Add the mushrooms and saute with a pinch of salt and pepper. They will absorb all the liquid quickly, so you may need to add a bit more olive oil if they get dry. Add about ¼ to a ½ cup of wine and let this simmer for about 8 minutes or so, until the liquid cooks down. Finish with a bit more butter and a sprinkling of fresh thyme. Serve with greens and a baguette. C’est si bon (it’s so good!)

Have a Fantastic day, mes amis.


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