Sunday Greek Yogurt Pancakes

For years I thought I was inept at making a good pancake. We grew up eating Bisquick and no matter the occasion the result was, without fail, pancakes that were heavy and (likely) burned. Not enough milk, too much milk. Over beaten. Heat too high. OK, I may have learned a few things since then … Continue reading

Roasted Eggs and Autumn Squash

OK guys, ever stumped about what to do with those yellow, funny looking squash? Yea, me too. I had these yellow squash that frankly I wasn’t sure how to cook but Bryce and I needed a project today after school. We picked them up at the pumpkin patch and intended to paint them along with … Continue reading

Healthier Zucchini Bread

And so the camping continued this past week, only in the sunshine state of Colorado. My daughter calls it “avocado” and I’m enjoying it too much to correct her. She also pronounces mosquito as “spageeto” and so as you might imagine, when we were in avocado we were bitten by a few spageetoes. For those … Continue reading

Wine and Granola Benders

Down the street from our new offices is my new favorite wine shop: Vinopolis. I love going in there because it feels like a vineyard wine cellar — the temperature is about 50 degrees and there are open crates of bottles everywhere with friendly people willing to give guidance. They offer a wide range of … Continue reading

There Comes a Time for Covert Measures

One of the biggest challenges during the week is getting out of the house on time without overlooking or forgetting an important step — you know, like making sure Bryce is fully clothed (this actually is no joke,) has brushed her teeth and has had something to eat to sustain her until snack time at … Continue reading