Classic Creme Brulee

Do you? Creme Brulee, or Burned Cream may sound like a recipe that requires a certificate from Le Cordon Bleu to make. The truth is it’s the one dessert I’ve made over and over again without fail. It’s something you can make ahead and I’ve never met a kid that didn’t devour it. It’s sweet … Continue reading

Holiday Treats

Greetings lovely people! We also made French Chocolate Bark, courtesy of Ina Garten which is incredibly easy and gluten-free. For those that particularly need heart healthy treats (like my grandfather) we made heart-healthy banana bread. We also made dark chocolate cranberry cookies and Martha Stewart’s gluten-free hazelnut shortbread. I committed to sending holiday cookie packages … Continue reading

Flourless Chocolate Banana Pudding Cakes

We’re starting to get settled into Kindergarten. We love our teacher and Bryce looks forward to going to school every day. She’s in transition however between toddlerhood and the idea of being 5. She can’t quite decide which she’d like to be and so we spend a lot of time telling the story of when … Continue reading