Summer Bruschetta & Garlic Chard

September is my favorite month. It’s like setting the reset button on the year. The air gets a bit crisper, we get to wear fall clothes, we’re all back to work, back to school and looking down the road toward things like (dare I say) the holidays. September is “festival month” here in Portland with … Continue reading

Tuscan Style Vegetable Stew

I couldn’t help but be inspired by all the photos I’m seeing of snow, sleds, snowboards and rosey noses. We’re heading up to the mountain on new years eve and I made ahead a vegetable stew that will hit the spot and warm our bones when we retreat inside. Have soup…will travel! This recipe was … Continue reading

Easy Pea Soup

It’s soup season in these parts. If I could eat soup every meal of every day I would. To me nothing is more comforting, and honestly last night’s election was a little close for comfort so reinforcements were necessary! I grew up eating split pea soup but really prefer the taste when made with fresh … Continue reading

Roasted Eggs and Autumn Squash

OK guys, ever stumped about what to do with those yellow, funny looking squash? Yea, me too. I had these yellow squash that frankly I wasn’t sure how to cook but Bryce and I needed a project today after school. We picked them up at the pumpkin patch and intended to paint them along with … Continue reading

Simple Mushrooms, C’est si Bon

Comment ca va? I’ve been inspired by my sister and her boyfriend who are currently in Paris en route to Amsterdam. They just sent me a photo of a classic steak frites that they’re enjoying at a sidewalk bistro. This is a place I’d like to be right now…sipping wine, voyeur-ing the people and the … Continue reading

Healthier Zucchini Bread

And so the camping continued this past week, only in the sunshine state of Colorado. My daughter calls it “avocado” and I’m enjoying it too much to correct her. She also pronounces mosquito as “spageeto” and so as you might imagine, when we were in avocado we were bitten by a few spageetoes. For those … Continue reading